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77024 Laser Dentist

At Contemporary Implantology, Inc., we keep pace with the most advanced approaches to improve the comfort and convenience of your dental healthcare experience. With the use of laser technology, we deliver treatment that is most gentle and precise, keeping you relaxed throughout your visit. Our 77024 laser dentist customizes your treatment plan to mitigate any anxiety you may experience throughout the course of care.

77024 Laser Dentist

If anxiety or fear keeps you from seeking the dental care you need, our 77024 laser dentist can help. Dental lasers operate without the heat, pressure or vibration of traditional dental instruments, eliminating triggering stimuli to help you feel more at ease. A dental laser does not make direct contact with the soft or hard tissues of your mouth, delivering energy in the form of light, instead, for the gentlest approach to treatment.  Lasers can be used to cure dental fillings, perform periodontal procedures, remove lesions and accelerate the effects a teeth whitening procedure, with maximum accuracy. When used for periodontal procedures, laser technology provides precise and gentle care and reduces bleeding and post operative swelling to shorten healing and recovery time.

At the office of Contemporary Implantology, Inc., we will perform a comprehensive examination and discuss your treatment options with you to determine if laser technology can be incorporated into your treatment plan. You can rest assured that we will do our best to keep you informed and at ease throughout your visit, addressing any questions or concerns you may have. A positive experience with our highly skilled laser dentist can make it easier for you to keep up with preventive checkups and seek immediate treatment when you need it, which can greatly benefit your oral and overall health.

For the personalized attention and compassionate treatment you deserve, visit us at Contemporary Implantology, Inc. Our 77024 laser dentist and professional staff are committed to providing stress-free dental, periodontal and prosthodontic care. To find out if you could benefit from treatment with laser dentistry, or to learn more about any of our services call today.

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